Tummy Time Method!

Having trouble with Tummy time? Does your baby have a flat spot on their head? Does your baby have torticollis? Are you concerned that your baby isn’t meeting their milestones?

I’m specialty trained and certified in the TummyTimeMethod! which is a no cry approach to tummy time. Let's work together and come up with a plan that YOU feel confident in to help you baby reach their milestones.

The Tummy Time Method! is a method developed by Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L and can be defined as the time a baby spends laying on his/her tummy, on a firm, flat surface.


  • Tummy time is so much more than laying on his/her belly. It emphasizes the relationship and connection between parent and baby

  • It promotes health, growth, movement, and posture for baby

  • For more information about TTM, please visit www.tummytimemethod.com