Providing OT Services in the Greater Mid-Michigan Area

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy promotes a child’s growth and independence by strengthening their motor, physical, sensory, cognitive, and social-emotional development. This is achieved through engagement in individualized, client-centered therapy sessions that build a child’s confidence and growth in many skill areas.

Could my baby benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Your baby may benefit from occupational therapy if he/she has...

  • Difficulty latching onto breast or bottle

  • Dislikes tummy time

  • A notable head turning preference and/or tilt

  • Tension in the body

  • Restricted oral tissues (tongue/lip/buccal ties)

  • Flat spots on head

  • Difficulty feeding

  • Difficulty meeting developmental milestones

  • Difficulty with gross motor coordination

Lactation Services

I currently offer a treatment protocol for plugged milk ducts for breastfeeding mothers. This protocol includes the use of therapeutic ultrasound (deep heat) to break up the clog and manual lymph massage to restore the appropriate fluid flow. I also teach mothers self-massage and exercise-based stretches to promote maximum breast health and fluid/lymph flow.